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Ep 108 – Travel Shooting

This week, Ron & Shawna discuss how to plan for a shoot when traveling for pleasure or for work. Good advice to make certain that when on location, in an unfamiliar place, you can still create beautiful images of beautiful models.

Ep 107 – Designers SINched

You have questions; Ron and Shawna have answers! Photographer and Model is your one stop shop for everything model photography.

Models and photographers are not the only ones with unique tales from
the set. Designers SINched have stiched together some strange and very
cool stories for us in this episode. Plus, they were kind enough to
offer their insight on how they select models and photographers to
showcase their products. Speaking of SINched products, their designs,
and this week’s discussion, are not limited to corsets. We talk kevlar
and historical costuming, just to give you an idea. Check it out!

SINched website

SINched on Model Mayhem


Model Spleen

Model Titania Lyn

Model Kristin Lee

Model Apnea

Photographer Bucket

Blind Monkey Studios

Photographer Vara Papas

Ep 106 – Photographer Larry Munne

You have questions; Ron and Shawna have answers! Photographer and Model is your one stop shop for everything model photography.

This week’s guest is pinup photographer Larry Munne, a long time fan of the podcast and instructor of photography. We have had pinup photographers on the show before (one excellent example being Robert Alvarado), but Larry is not just a rehash of pinup talk. We had an awesome time discussing fashion concepts for weddings, model theatrics, and why you might not want to take photos full time. If that were not enough, we even talk Weiner…and why his shenanigans raise a bigger question: will the photos you post in your model photography ventures come back to haunt you? Check it out.

Larry Munne’s Website

Larry on Model Mayhem

Larry on Facebook


Model Sam Delgado

Photographer Lou Freeman

Photographer Robert Alvarado

Photographer Sam Tang

The Podcast Collection

Ep 105 – Model Cheechi

Who says that a model’s career is over at 29? For some gorgeous models like Cheechi, a modeling career begins after 30. In this episode, Cheechi tells us how she made a name and a career for herself in a small Texas town. Sometimes success requires you to expect the unexpected!

Cheechi’s Website

Cheechi on Facebook

Cheechi on Model Mayhem

Ep 104 – The End of Season Two

Photographer and Model stepped up the podcast with Season Two. Aside from the usual exciting interviews, we brought you more special episodes, an epic 100th show, and a ton of surprise tidbits. Now we are sure you are asking, “Where could Photographer and Model possibly go from here in Season Three?” Episode 104 has your answer!

Ep 103 – Photographer Bucket

When you are starting out as a model photographer, it helps to photograph the people you know. If those people just happen to be really interesting to look at, all the better. In this episode, super-talented photographer Bucket tells us about shooting in the alt scene, why bigger is better, and how style and wisdom are linked.

Bucket’s website


Phantom Orchid

Silent View Photography

Photographer Chad Michael Ward

Model Krystyn Lea

Model Kaia Bellanca

Model Hattie Watson

Ep 102 – Model Hazel Brun

What makes a model a good “workshop model?” How should a model prepare for a workshop? Workshop, workshop, workshop! Model Hazel Brun has done her share of workshops, and she offers us some useful tidbits on how to get the most out of them. If that were not enough, she also gives us some interesting insight on where the line is drawn between creepy photographer and professional.

Hazel Brun on Model Mayhem


CS Austin Photo

CP Foto

Photographer Michael Bates

Photographer James McKinnis

Ep 101 Photographer Jerry Brown

Photographer Jerry Brown has spent years working with models, particulary in workshops. When you are constantly working with new talent, it is key to have a method for communicating effectively and efficiently with your models. If you have ever wondered how to get that pose you want from a model, Jerry is the guy to ask!

Jerry’s Website

Jerry on MM


Houston Skyline Studio

Photographer Bob Warren

Ep 99 – The Retrospective

As we near the Epic 100th episode of the podcast, we cannot forget some of our favorite moments that have brought us here. Photographer and Model give you: The Retrospective!

Some of the people who appear in this episode, Bob Warren, Baily Devonish, Alan Rencher, Cyan Banister, Amy Dunn, Willow, Isobel Wren, Cordial Lee, Jimmy D, Lauren Vickers, Dean Karr, Andy Silver, Mosh, Natasha Epperson, and James Wiseman.