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Photographer interviews from the model photography podcast.

Ep 22 – Photog Hassan Hilliard

Hassan Hillard The photographer behind the snake and spider shoot with Model Tierra. How do you tell a model you want to put a tarantula on her face and wrap her in a snake? Listen to find out how he did it.

What does it mean to be a photographer and model? “How many of the people in this city say that?” That was the start of his muse relationship with Tierra. He talks about the modeling scene in Houston and how it differs from other cities.

What is the difference between art and entertainment? Hassan talks about that in the context of what he does as a fine artist and photographer.

There is a ranging discussion of people who do art in multiple mediums and how those thing affect their photography.

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Ep 20 – Photog Richard Tallent

Photographer Richard Tallent
Photographer Richard Tallent

Art photographer Richard Tallent is our guest today. Recorded live we talk about Art and what makes a good piece of art. We learn what he looks for in a model and how he can tell a lot about her before she ever gets on set. He gives some great advice on how to expand and grow your style. Richard also gives advice on finding models even if you live in a small town. Can a piece of art be sexual or erotic? Listen to find out.

Richard Tallent’s Web site

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Robert Alvarado Episode

Ep 18 – Photog JimmyD

Interview with Pretty Girl Shooter and Glamour Photographer JimmyD. Jimmy has a unique perspective on the difference between glamour and porn and we discuss that to start off. Ron and Jimmy talk for quite awhile about what glamour is and how we define genres. Then we get to art and that’s a whole can of worms as well, as always.

Black and white leads to a discussion of the impact of color on our perception and we discuss which came first color or the way the brain processes it. Discussion of psychology continues on into the interaction between model and photographer.

We follow up with asking why he shoots models and where he wants to go with that.

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Ep 16 – Photog Frederick Van Johnson


Frederick Van Johnson
Frederick Van Johnson
This week we talk to host of the This Week in Photography podcast Frederick Van Johnson. We start off talking techno-lust vs art. Lot’s of discussion of style and art.

He shoots a lot of different things and we ask why he shoots models. Learn Frederick’s the 3 things that make a good model photographer.

He also has a great and unique quality a model needs to be good that surprise both Shawna and Ron. As a former denizen of the City of Angels he has a unique perspective on what models expect and what they should watch out for.

And yes I had to ask him about his philosophy of punishing pixels. Which leads to a Spiderman reference.

For the first time he reveals what he ultimately wants to do with his photography.

Frederick’s Website and blog
Twitter: @frederickvan

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Ep 14 – Photog Robert Sanders


Robert Sanders
Robert Sanders

Photographer Robert Sanders is something of mentor to me, we met at Best of The Best 2, where he was one of the judges and teachers. To this day I remember a story he told about conceptualizing an image before shooting it and we start of the podcast talking about that.

He discusses how he goes about conceptualizing and building an image. How he works with the model and other support staff like MUAs and stylists.

We don’t let him get away with talking about having fun, when his MM profile clearly states he doesn’t believe in having fun.

He talks about how important his relationships with models, makeup artists and stylists. There is a long discussion about building relationships and trust.

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Ep 12 – Photog Robert Alvarado


robertAlvaradoI consider Robert Alvarado to be one of the best, if not the best, pinup photographer working today. It was an honor to get to interview him.

The story about the model who for a cactus shoot actually punctured her rear end is worth the listen. He also talks about pushing the limits. He talks about some of his most controversial images and why he created them, as well as what the outcome has been. A very interesting discussion of creating something for art’s sake.

When we talk about art he candidly talks about his own wether he is an artist. What I think is a common thread for us photographers.

He talks about what influence the model has on his work, and how he’s changed in his style of directing models. I’m a month behind on post, and Robert gets images done in hours after the shoot.

Robert Alvarado’s Website

The question from twitter was from @whoisariston

Robert’s Muse, Ciji Sampson

Model that we stuck needles in her butt! Natalie Addams And the Cactus Image

Vargas in Playboy

Gil Elvgren

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The Practical Pinup Online Workshop

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Ep 11 – Model Carly O’Neil


Model Carly Erin O'Neil
Model Carly Erin O'Neil

Carly O’Neil is a New York based fashion, glamour and fine art model.

During the interview we talk about Agency/Commercial work vs. Freelance/Internet work. Body art on agency models. Agency models and nudity. “If her boob was in the picture, it was meant to be there.”

She talks about how being a model means having a presence on film, as well as being smart and strong. You really have to do it and not just kind of do.

Carly’s also a photographer and we talk about what its like making the change from in front to behind the camera. And why she chooses not to do a lot of model photography, and how it has effected her modeling.
Carly's Website Mentioned in the Podcast: Milkman - Joao Carlos - photographer and darling honey bear. He also provided the image for this podcast. Carly and Joao's blog Carly's Blog Carly's Photography Model Mayhem profile Her Commercial Model Mayhem profile: Her Nude Model Mayhem profile Her MUA Model Mayhem profile Theme music is Amy Cain by Two Star Symphony.

Ep 09 – Photog Scott King


J Scott King
The one where Ron interviews Fine Art Photographer Scott King.

We talk a lot about printing and learning to be a photographer. What is a Fine Art photographer? Why figure work is so hard, and how shooting keeps you in the zone.

Picaso, “Art is the lie that reveals the truth.”


Zoya Pepel

Bill Kennedy, Scott’s partner in K2

St Edward’s University Photocommunications Department

Ansel Adams books
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Scott on Model Mayhem

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Ep 7 – Photog Vegas Alien

Jim Warren of Vegas Alien
Jim Warren of Vegas Alien

This week we talk with Photographer Jim Warren of Vegas Alien. Jim is a Chicago based photographers with a lot of experience shooting models. While like all of our interviews we talk about style and art, he also gives advice to new photographers and models.

Listen to find out why he gets weird looks from people on the street. Where he sees missed opportunities in his own and others work. How motivation influences mistakes for new photographers and how to get past that.

We also talk about some of his signature images.

Vegas Alien Blog
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Swiss Longboard Company mentioned.

Ep 5 – Photog Tracy Hicks

Photographer Tracy Hicks
Photographer Tracy Hicks

Glamour Photographer Tracy Hicks is this week’s guest on the Photographer And Model Podcast.

We talk about how you view images in your portfolio and how others do. What is sexy classy and where is the line? The permanence and value of photography. What is style and what is his style. And how models react to his style.

He also talks about making models and non-models comfortable. His advice on the relationship between models and photographers is also straight to the point. Avoid the drama.

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