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Photographer interviews from the model photography podcast.

Ep 3 – Photog Nilo Aranzamendez

Photographer Nilo Aranzamendez
Photographer Nilo Aranzamendez

This week we talk with Nilo Aranzamendez, promotional and club photographer, about the particular community he is a photographer for. While a relatively new photographer of models, his unique marketing background gives great insight into model career development.

Nilo’s Websites:
Nilo’s Portfolio

Houston Music Scene

People mentioned in the podcast:
Raul Bella Jr – partner
Tilia Tequila
Yazmin Islas

This week’s music was Animus Remix by Technetium, provided by the podsafe music network.

Ep 1 – Photog Bob Warren

Candid 5Show Notes and Links

In this episode we talk with Fine Art Photographer Bob Warren. Topics include:

Art vs Commerce and how to balance them.

The creative process. Where does art start?

What’s the model’s role? What is a style?

Why isn’t there Glamour in art gallery?

Bob’s Website

Houston Skyline Studio

Lilian’s, Bob’s wife, art.

Beauty and Brains

The Creative Habit by Twyla Tharp

High Fashion Crime Scenes

Kate Moss by 12 Photographers was mention but I couldn’t find a link. Bob mentioned it in American Photo Magazine.

Ep -1: Photographer JT Smith

Photographer JT Smith
Photographer JT Smith
Another prequel episode, this time an interview with Photographer J T Smith of Super Shoots. JT is something of a mentor to me and I’ve attended his workshop in Las Vegas, where I got work that is still in my portfolio today.

We talk with JT about how he got started in photography, and how he ended up doing workshops. Then we talk about working with models, and some common mistakes he sees new photographers making.

JT has two sites, one for the Super Shoots workshops and the other a Super Shoots Networking site where workshop alum, both models and photographers, as well as other interested people communicate.

My images from Super Shoot Las Vegas 2005.