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Ep 81 – The Christmas Special

Ron and Shawna began the year shooting together and ended it the same way. It does not end there either. The year has been full of all kinds of podcast goodness, fun photo shoots and cool projects for both of your hosts, and in this episode they talk a little about said goodies and where they would like to go next. Enjoy another episode of Photographer and Model that is both merry and bright! Merry Christmas from Ron and Shawna!


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Ep 78 – What We Look For

In the jungle that is cyberspace, tangles of model and photographer profiles abound like so much tropical foliage. So when Ron and Shawna are casting and/or accepting projects (navigating the jungle, if you will), how do they know what profiles to hack through and which are the keepers? In this episode, we give you a glimpse of what we look for in portfolios, profiles, personalities and the potential collaborators they represent. Think you would make the cut? Listen in, and then take what you have learned and do some exploring of your own!

Shawna on Model Mayhem

Ron on Model Mayhem

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Ep 74 – Shoot Etiquette

There is more to a successful photo shoot than a pretty picture; it is called “shoot etiquette.” By saying etiquette we are not referring to saying “please” and sending a nice thank you note after the shoot. Shoot etiquette is about making the deal, being prepared and communicating. Want to make sure you are crossing all your t’s and dotting your i’s? Then listen in, pretty please, and learn a thing or two. You can thank us later.

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Ep 70 – Editor Marc Moorash

Whatever you do, do not look behind the curtain! Well, okay, go ahead and look. The man behind the Photographer and Model Podcast curtain is editor Marc Moorash. He makes Ron and I sound oh so professional, and he looks dashing in a top hat. Believe it or not, an editor can be controversial, and in this episode, Marc proves it by recounting a story that might make you blush. But there is much more, kiddies! Tune in and listen to editor and wordsmith Marc Moorash spin tales of rock bands, anthropology and yes, even nosferatu.

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Faith and the Muse

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Ep 66 – DP Alan Rencher

Olive Dry Oil Mist

Ask a Ninja


Ep 64 – Model Lauren Vickers

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Ep 65 – Building a Team

Every successful photo shoot requires a strong team, but in order to put together a strong team, you have to know what key roles need to be filled and how to get your team to do what needs to be done. Want to know more? Listen in and let Ron and Shawna tell you how to “cast and direct” your photo shoot.

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Ep 48 – Photographer Amy Dunn

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