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Best of 2010: #1 Ms Bond

January 10, 2011 Best Of

We dressed up for the images of Shawna and me for promotion of the podcast. We were going to do some other stuff, including stuff with my AR-15. And we decided to combine her fancy dress and the rifle, and the pistol she bought. This is what came out and is my favorite image of […]

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Best of 2010: #3 Soft Glamour Headshot

January 8, 2011 Best Of

This is the same lighting set up as Best of 2010 #5, in front of the studio’s window on white sheets. But even closer. The model, Skye Greene, told me later that her mom even loved the picture. Guess she couldn’t tell how little Skye was wearing.

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Best of 2010 #4 Janet’s Headshot

January 7, 2011 Best Of

I taught Portraits and Headshots this year at the studio. I decided to use Janet – one of my favorite MUAs – because she is so photogenic when it comes to head shots. I wasn’t disappointed.

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Best of 2010: #5 Soft White Glamour

January 6, 2011 Best Of
#5 Soft White Glamour

We interviewed Daniela Kenzie on the podcast right before she moved to Austin. I told her to connect with me when she got here – which she did. Then the studio booked her for a weekend workshop and I got to spend some one-on-one shooting time with her. This is the soft natural light I […]

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Best of 2010: #6 Cosplay And Shower

January 5, 2011 Best Of

Lana Marie wanted to shoot her cosplay costume of Marvel’s X-23. We shot it a couple of ways, but then we did it with the shower and it added a whole other level to the image’s feel.

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Best of 2010: #7 Gothic Beauty

January 4, 2011 Best Of

Ash Kay is a model I’ve shot with a few times, but not in a long time. So we got into the studio and produced some new stuff. This image is just cool.

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Best of 2010: #8 Niece Dark Show Red

January 3, 2011 Best Of

I did the Dark Shower images a number of times over the last 2 years. Went from no light on the background to a white one to see the water to very saturated colors. I like the color a lot. This on is special because the color is there, but the front light makes every […]

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Best Of 2010: #10 Shawna, Shower and Rifle

January 1, 2011 Best Of

This image could sum up my major themes for the year. I shot with Shawna a lot. I did the Dark Shower series. I shot with firearms. All of them are in this image.

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#1 – Urban Violin

December 31, 2009 Best Of
Thumbnail image for #1 – Urban Violin

This first image I ever printed and hung on the wall of my home. This one of Roxy Vandiver playing the violin under the I-45/I-59 interchange in Houston.

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#2 – Butterfly Back

December 30, 2009 Best Of
Thumbnail image for #2 – Butterfly Back

This image is on my Photographer and Model Business cards, and it is my print on the wall of my studio. (There are 4 of us and we each have one 16×20 on the wall). The image is actually a little taller than this and here is quite a bit more buttock, but I kind […]

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