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Models with firearms.

Best of 2010: #1 Ms Bond

We dressed up for the images of Shawna and me for promotion of the podcast. We were going to do some other stuff, including stuff with my AR-15. And we decided to combine her fancy dress and the rifle, and the pistol she bought. This is what came out and is my favorite image of Shawna.

Shawna Rencher Is a Bad Ass

Podcast Co-host Shawna Rencher is a bad ass in lots of ways, including being a 2nd degree black belt in Kung Fu. When we got together to shoot some promo pictures for the podcast I wanted to wear my suit, so I asked her to wear something formal. After shooting those images I said, we have to shoot you with a gun in that dress.

We did better than that. I give you Shawna “Two Gun” Rencher.

Shawna Two Gun Rencher