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White Balance Trick: Tungsten and Natural Light

Thursday I had a comercial shoot during the day at the studio and needed to be somewhere downtown in the evening so I decided I’d just hang out at the studio while one of my partners shot. Bob Warren was shooting traveling model Hollis Ireland that evening and invited me to come along. He planned to go to a number of places around the studio and shoot just using natural light. Hollis is super hot redhead so it didn’t take much arm twisting to get me to come along.

The sun was fast dropping and the Texas wild fires where doing interesting things to the golden hour light. When we got to our last location the sun was almost down. We were shooting under an overpass, using the tungsten lights as our light source. I asked Bob what he was doing for white balance and he said he was using tungsten, but that the natural light would have an interesting blue cast. Ok, whatever. I switched over.

Then I was blown away by what happen.

Where the overhead lights hit the model she was a warm gold color like you’d expect from tungsten – though I’m not sure why changing my WB didn’t make that white. But where the natural light hit anything, it turned a rich blue color.

As the sun went down, the blue got darker as you’d expect. (The less exposed/more underexposed something is, the darker the color.)

This is my favorite image from the shoot and shows the dramatic difference in color temperatures. There was no color work in post production at all.

The only negative to these images was my ISO was cranked up to 1000 and the images where still underexposed giving me a lot of noise. I used Lightroom’s noise correction to fix some of it, but now I feel the skin is too smooth.

Next time you are out shooting at sun down, look for some tungsten light and try this out for yourself.

PS: Don’t worry Shawna and I are planning our return to podcasting, and there will be an expansion of what we’re doing here at P&M to build up the community.

Concert Photography Help?

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. I’ve got a backlog of images to retouch, but I’ve been busy with other things.

On the 16th I’m shooting a concert here in Houston and I wondered if any of my photography friends had any tips on making the most of it.

Voltaire Concert Houston Texas.

I actually shot Voltaire at a club her in Houston a year or so ago, so I have some experience, but I’m always willing to learn.

Lauren Headshot

The images for this week are from a shoot a did a few years ago with Lauren Elizabeth G She did her own makeup and I liked it alot for some and not so much for some. Really I just didn’t like the eyes in this headshot.

Lauren, had in my opinion a very flexible look, which I think you will see over the coming days.

Here’s a headshot to start

Lauren Headshot
Lauren Headshot

Article Delayed But Images

I try to always have an informative article posted on Mondays to the blog, but this weekend I was just too busy. I had two shoots, and I wasn’t done with retouching on the two before that. So I didn’t get an article written.

But to show it was worth it, I’m doing something I rarely do and letting you see some unretouched images. Only on the blog, and they will probably disappear will the retouched ones are available.

These are the last three models I shot with. First from weekend before this one, the wonderful and talented Kimberly Boenker doing pinup.

Then we have Ashley Warnken in the green top and the belly dancer body shot and lastly Cherise.

Straight out of the camera. And I think they are worth waiting on an article for and waiting for the retouches of the shoots. Don’t you?

Pinup Eras – Psychedelic 60’s

Now that you can see the wall alot more, let me explain the background lighting. There are two gridded light behind her. One left and gelled blue and one right and gelled red. The grids keep them from overlapping too much and you get a two tone color.

An important thing in pinup is to watch the details. Well another of my partners did product photography for a “dancewear” – and we ain’t talking ballet – company. That’s where the purple pants come from. While free love was all the rage, I’m not sure see through pants were.

I don’t think her panties are era either. But while no panties might be hippie, I think there would be another fashion that Bella is more modern in to mess up the detail.

Model: Bella Reign

Pinup Eras Psychedelic 60's
Pinup Eras Psychedelic 60's