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White Balance Trick: Tungsten and Natural Light

September 10, 2011 Featured

Thursday I had a comercial shoot during the day at the studio and needed to be somewhere downtown in the evening so I decided I’d just hang out at the studio while one of my partners shot. Bob Warren was shooting traveling model Hollis Ireland that evening and invited me to come along. He planned […]

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Tiffany Jackson Wynn Window

November 4, 2009 Fashion
Thumbnail image for Tiffany Jackson Wynn Window

There are lots of things I forgot to bring to the shoot, despite having a new camera bag. One was a polarizing filter, which would have gotten rid of the reflections in the window. But here are a couple of Tiffany with the strip behind her. Model: Tiffany Jackson

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Roxy & Me Behind the Scenes

June 17, 2009 Shoots

Roxy has some images from our last shoot together that include me on her blog. I’m sure you want to see me, not Roxy. 🙂

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Concert Photography Help?

April 6, 2009 Shoots

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. I’ve got a backlog of images to retouch, but I’ve been busy with other things. On the 16th I’m shooting a concert here in Houston and I wondered if any of my photography friends had any tips on making the most of it. Voltaire Concert Houston Texas. I […]

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I Don’t Shoot Weddings, but…

March 3, 2009 Fashion

…we do have a wedding dress at the studio. And I’ve got one at home I bought at a second hand store and the only time I’ve used it was to do a trash the dress shoots with a model. That was fun. Shot with the lovely Stacey Spring, Kimberly Boenker doing makeup. We were […]

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Lauren Headshot

February 3, 2009 Portrait/Headshot

The images for this week are from a shoot a did a few years ago with Lauren Elizabeth G She did her own makeup and I liked it alot for some and not so much for some. Really I just didn’t like the eyes in this headshot. Lauren, had in my opinion a very flexible […]

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Article Delayed But Images

February 2, 2009 Shoots

I try to always have an informative article posted on Mondays to the blog, but this weekend I was just too busy. I had two shoots, and I wasn’t done with retouching on the two before that. So I didn’t get an article written. But to show it was worth it, I’m doing something I […]

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Pinup Eras – More Stewardess

January 29, 2009 Pinup

Bella brought this outfit and she brought it again to the pinup workshop where she was one of the models. Its worth shooting more than once. The magic prop room also produced the suitcase. And yes, we have shot models in the suitcase, its that big. Model: Bella Reign

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Pinup Eras – Coffee Tea Or Me

January 29, 2009 Pinup

What era is this? The time when stewardesses wore hot pants. Alas Victoria Secrets wasn’t doing uniforms even then, but this one would make flying fun again for me. Getting through security would be fast as well. Model: Bella Reign

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Pinup Eras – Psychedelic 60’s

January 28, 2009 Pinup

Now that you can see the wall alot more, let me explain the background lighting. There are two gridded light behind her. One left and gelled blue and one right and gelled red. The grids keep them from overlapping too much and you get a two tone color. An important thing in pinup is to […]

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