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Fashion Editorial Behind the Scenes Video

If you haven’t seen it you should go check out Melissa Rodwell’s Fashion Photography Blog. Specifcially you should check the behind the scene’s video of a fashion shoot.

She talks about using the Profoto beauty dish with a grid on it. We used to have one of those at the studio and I used it all the time. I provides a very interesting circular light with cool fall off behind the subject. It also make very “fashiony” shadows on the models face, especially under the chin.

This image was taken with the gridded beauty dish. I think it was the first time I ever used it.


Interview with Nude Model Valerie Whitaker, Part 2

This is the second part of the interview with model Valerie Whitaker where she answered the questions give by the anonymous commenter.

Questions in this part of the interview:

What’s the worst part of modeling?

What would you change about the industry you work in, for the health/wellbeing of models?

How would you change the way photographers work with you?

What do you like best about the way photographers work with you?

Nude Model Valerie Whitaker Interview Part 2 from Ron Davis on Vimeo.

Interview with Nude Model Valerie Whitaker Part 1

YouTube Playboy Shoot

It’s always educational to watch a photoshoot from the outside. Here is one of Playboys YouTube search.

The interesting thing to me is how they seem to be lighting her face with a snooted spot, but using a ring light for the main. Rings put out an incredible amount of light and just annihilate any shadows or difference in light. So what impact could the snoot have? Don’t know but I want to try snoot lighting the face on one of my next shoots.