Pull Project Notes

The Pull Project is a series of images with the model pulling on a rope. The genre is fine art, which means trying to convey meaning through form, shape, and expression.

Concepts for the Model

Pull is about expression both physically, through the body and face, and mentally, through the reason you are pulling. As I repeat this concept, I’m finding facial expression is having a huge impact on what make a good pull image.

Reasons to pull are diverse and the model is encouraged to come up with new concepts. Here are a few things to think about.

There are two reasons to pull, one to keep something from being dragged away from you and secondly to drag something toward you.

The primary point is the expression of emotion to the pulling.
Desperation because something precious is on the other end of the rope and you don’t want it lost.
Fear because you are about to lose something.
Desire to get the thing on the pulled to you. Desire can be happiness, or greed.
Lost love
Being out of control

Physical expression to show…
power, strength, muscle, sweat in the action of pulling.
weakness as the rope pulls you and you try to stop from being pulled.
falling, as if you are trying to hang onto the rope.

Technical Execution

The rope is tied to a post off camera.
Light comes from one side and is very focused.

Rope may be held behind the model to make it run in a straight line through the image.
Model is give free rein to wrap the rope any way they want, though the image should never become about being tied up.


Wardrobe becomes part of the image and adds to its meaning.
The image can be shot nude, meaning all of the expression comes from the models’ body and movement.*
Don’t think of wardrobe as physical things, but as meaning. It isn’t a dress, it is light, airy and soft.

Wardrobe Ideas:
Bikini top and Jeans – strength toughness
Fitness outfit – strength
Wrapped in cloth – mystery, lightness, wind
Business suit – the pull of corporate life

*As always, I never ask a model to shoot anything she is uncomfortable with. These notes are general and intended for all possible models.

The project has only been shot once, with figure model Hope Hoffman and the concept and execution are open to exploration and change.

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