Amanda Chism Actress

And she doesn’t work out either. We were shooting this theme I had for a time based on this list of 10 things every woman should own fashion-wise. One of those things was jeans and t-shirt. I was shooting Amanda and she move the t-shirt in the process of shooting and I could see the ridges in her stomach.

I asked if she’s be OK with taking off her shirt and letting me shoot them. She was reluctant, but agreed. These two images were the result.

Most of the time it isn’t that important to me to shoot a model nude. But occasionally I see one I just know would create incredible art with their body. Amanda was one of those. Alas, she’s an actress more than a model and wasn’t interested in posing nude.

She also taught me how cool actresses were to work with. I asked her to look tough and she moved and suddenly she was tough. It was freakish. I couldn’t tell you what changed other than the set of her shoulders, but wow.

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  1. Most of my models I find off of internet modeling websites. Though in the case of Amanda I found her after a posting to a local modeling email list. The whole process is something I’m going to go into in the future.

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