YouTube Playboy Shoot

It’s always educational to watch a photoshoot from the outside. Here is one of Playboys YouTube search.

The interesting thing to me is how they seem to be lighting her face with a snooted spot, but using a ring light for the main. Rings put out an incredible amount of light and just annihilate any shadows or difference in light. So what impact could the snoot have? Don’t know but I want to try snoot lighting the face on one of my next shoots.

7 thoughts on “YouTube Playboy Shoot”

  1. Yea, I’ve seen it done quite a bit. Gridded/Snooted light on face, large soft source for fill. Looks great.

  2. I think you see it with Playboy a lot and I’d just never put it together before this.

    He was using a ring flash which really made me wonder why the snoot. I mean, a ring is going to blow out any other light hitting the center of the shot anyway.

  3. Yea, we use a focus light like that all the time. The ring flash is definitely a beauty/ glamorous light, so it’s perfect for that type of work. If the ring was at a lower power than the grid or snoot then the grid would definitely show, but it wouldn’t be as nice with such a harsh light verses a large soft source like an octabank as the fill.
    BTW, I found your post through twitter. I keep up with who’s talking about shoots. Thx for the post.

  4. Eli, did you follow me? Did I follow you back? I don’t remember an Eli.

    Teymur, my camera a Fuji S3 has a focus assist light on it, but I turn it off because it is so freaking bright it blinds the subject and makes her blink. Haven’t really needed it though, as most of time my modeling lights are enough.

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