Goth Swimsuit Ms January

We started with the idea of baby – or in this case babe – new year taking over from the old year/father time. Babe was a great idea because we could strip her down a bikini. But we had to put a twist on it of course.

Maybe last year wasn’t quite ready to go.

Goth Swimsuit Calendar January
Goth Swimsuit Calendar January

The model is Skarah Black.

Some points to consider, just to make it interesting. I was just discovering the joy of oiling up model to make them glisten, so we did it Skarah. Didn’t really show up in this image, but it did make her slippery. Which isn’t that great when she’s holding a Bowie knife and kneeling over father time.

Father time is Marc Moorash of Seraphemera Books. Seraphemera was my partner on this and they did a lot of work, including all of the layout of the calendar.

Here’s a couple more. Skarah has a very long tongue, that’s all I’m going to say. The Absinthe picture appeared under the January calendar. Apparently absinthe is very goth.