Challenging Yourself

I shoot all kinds of stuff. Strangely I end up getting categorized into categories that really aren’t me.

For instance I’ve been called a Goth photographer for a long time now. I’m in no way Goth, and probably hadn’t ever met one before I shot Scarlett St Vitus the first time.

My wife and I have been using good parenting scare tactics on our boys for years about stuff. One of those things was tattoos. I tell you this not to piss off the tattooed set, but to let you know I don’t really care for them. And I still think it is strange how many women are tattooed now. (I’m sounding old 🙂 )

But every time I shoot a inked model – and it happens a lot because I don’t eliminate models who are “alt” – I end up shooting their body art.

This week’s images will be from a model I specifically shot because she was tattooed. Well, really because she had incredibly good skin, the body mods are just something that came with it. But when I started looking for a concept, I ended up doing specific body art portraits.

I have a shoot scheduled for the latter part of the month that involves a kiddie pool full of milk and a inked modeled.

I shoot it because it is a challenge.

It is unique.

It’s important to shoot things you aren’t necessarily attracted to. When you do you often find out something new about your artistic self.

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