Ep 5 – Photog Tracy Hicks

Photographer Tracy Hicks
Photographer Tracy Hicks

Glamour Photographer Tracy Hicks is this week’s guest on the Photographer And Model Podcast.

We talk about how you view images in your portfolio and how others do. What is sexy classy and where is the line? The permanence and value of photography. What is style and what is his style. And how models react to his style.

He also talks about making models and non-models comfortable. His advice on the relationship between models and photographers is also straight to the point. Avoid the drama.

People mentioned in this podcast:

Johnny Crosslin
Onxy Photography
Rich Cutrone
Wendy Satio
Danny Doyle
Robert Alvarado

Today’s music was X-Files Techno by Guardian Mind Mix. Provided by the Podsafe Music Network.

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