Swimsuit In The Studio

Is often boring to me. If I’m going to shoot a model in a swimsuit, then I want a context that a swimsuit belongs in.

Like, oh say, a beach!

I guess if you are land locked, finding a beach could be a problem. Guess you could use a pool.

But those locations don’t lend themselves to studio lighting. You generally work with natural light. And you are at the mercy of the weather.

So sometimes you are forced into the studio.

I’ve tried a number of things in the studio that look cool.

07072007mel-1986Coat the model with oil. I actually use an olive oil solution I buy at the Body Shop. It smells good and makes her glisten without being too slick. It gives a different texture to the skin, which makes the image more interesting.

Gel the light. If ever you needed an amber glow, a swimsuit in the studio is it. At least try to make it seem like you are outside.

Use a shower. This is the new one for me. Really most models don’t wear a swimsuit in the shower, but at least it is wet. I’m going to show you images from a recent shoot I did with model Robin Bean, doing this for the first time. There will be other times to come.