Ep 10 – Decisode Retrospective


Shawna & Ron
In this our 10th episode we take a step back and talk a little about what we’ve learned and how the podcast has changed over the last 10 episodes.


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2 thoughts on “Ep 10 – Decisode Retrospective”

  1. Great podcast with some beautiful discourse; I’ll definitely have to listen to the rest of the series.

    My thought on “What is Art?” I guess it comes down to an unspoken communication between artist and viewer. You spoke of conveying emotion in an image, and the thing that is most exciting to me about that is the unpredictability of the emotion conveyed. Some images have a certain power and gravity to them that only one emotion is conveyed. But, in the case of my nature photography, I get a thrill from hearing about the different emotions evoked by what could be termed and “emotionally ambiguous” image. Just knowing that I’ve brought out the feelings from someone’s memory, whether pleasant or painful, is a very satisfying feeling, and one that I enjoy when I look at other photos. The eye of the artist is of paramount importance, but I think that the memories and the hearts of both artist and viewer play a bigger part in the equation.

    Take care, old friend, keep up the great work, and always enjoy it!

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