Shawna – Two Themes Together

I’m going to talk about shooting themes next week, but here is a combo of two I’m working on, Dark Shower and Girls With Guns.

Model: Shawna Rencher
MUA: Kristin Daniell

Shawna In Shower With Rifle

4 thoughts on “Shawna – Two Themes Together”

  1. Interesting photo. It has a magazine cover feel to it. Guns Monthly? Good finger position, a detail most get wrong.

    Is there a way to get the water to not look like it is falling up? I have done a couple of water shoots and the water always looks like it is falling up.

  2. Falling up? Never had that problem. I’d suggest you make the water hit something and spray out, that would indicate that was the bottom of the stream instead of the top.

  3. Ron, I was referring to the water spray having the large end of the streak at the top. Shawna is pointing one out. Hot lights at 1/60 looks like rain rather than shower, longer streak. Ignoring the sync speed and shooting at 1/250 makes the water look like beads, little or no streak.

    Just came to me, rear curtain sync. I need to go bang my head against the wall. Excuse me.

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