Ep 54 – Photographer Bryan Musser

A great muse relationship is about trust and knowing your collaborators’ mind. Your muse can inspire you to take your greatest photos, and in the case of Bryan and Karen, get inspired enough herself to take your last name. In this episode, photographer Bryan Musser tells us how his muse became his wife, how the best pictures are the most comfortable ones, and all there is to know about escorts…for photo shoots of course.

Bryan’s Website

Bryans’ Model Mayhem


Model Gabrielle Howard

Model Caitlin Obrien (No longer modeling, but Bryan suggest you check out Ashley Olsen)

Photographer Atomic Box Studios

Photographer David Birdsong

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3 thoughts on “Ep 54 – Photographer Bryan Musser”

  1. Mothers! Mothers are the worst.

    Shot a group of models at a workshop. One girl brought her “manager”. Only one photographer shot with her unless we were using the really tiny set where the mother could fit. Her mother at one point was directing rest of the shoots. Something really creepy about a mother telling her daughter to “stick that ass out farther” and “tits higher”.

    Love the show, thanks.

  2. This is an excellent podcast of a really interesting and down to earth photographer.

    Great show!

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