Ep 57 – Photographer Piotr Stryjewski

Photographer Piotr Stryjewski is almost always, quite literally, on the move. While he is based in the UK, he frequently travels around Europe and the United States shooting personal and commercial projects. In this episode, he tells us about the tools he uses to find models and locations abroad, how and why good photographers evolve, and how post production affects his pre-production.

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Piotr on Model Mayhem

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One thought on “Ep 57 – Photographer Piotr Stryjewski”

  1. Great Interview. Been on this site for a few days now, listening while editing some of my own shots and it´s great. Especially this Podcast ´cause Piotr´s background sounds a lot like mine, as well as the way he get´s into a shoot. He has great images too! Really like what u guys are doing and hope u continue with it! It´s definately inspiring! I always try to learn but also try not to get to much influence on my work. Like seeing a great image an redoing it with minor changes on a shoot, so this way of inspiration is great for me and a lot of others!

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