Ep 61 – Photog/Editor Holden Pumphrey

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Sometimes models learn a thing or two about photography and become photographers themselves. Holden Pumphrey has one-up’ed that. She is a model turned photographer turned fashion editor. In this episode she tells us about her experience learning different crafts, how she balances business and artistry, and what photography has taught her about modeling.

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The Big Up Magazine


Missing Piece

Truth Dubstep

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Photographer Christina McNeill

Photographer Christopher Kern

Photographer James Graham

Escalante Photography

Model Suwanna Perry

Model Rosie Gibson

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4 thoughts on “Ep 61 – Photog/Editor Holden Pumphrey”

  1. Hey, guys… another great interview, but in my iTunes it ends up being a 21:12 minute podcast that gets cut off right before the end of the “pornography” section. You might want to re-upload it so we can get the full podcast through iTunes!

    Thanks again for all you guys do!

  2. There was a problem with the orginally uploaded MP3, but we’ve fixed it now and you should be able to hear all of it either by listening here, or downloaded the MP3 again.


  3. Hey, guys… another wonderful show. Sorry if this is a duplicate comment, but I think my other one got FUBAR’d in-transit. 🙂

    This podcast in my iTunes got cut off at the 21:12 point right before the end where she was talking about how she defines “pornography”, so I had to listen to the rest of the show on the site. Can you re-upload that to iTunes so we can get the whole interview?

    Thanks for all you guys do for us!

  4. hmmm I’m starting to see a trend of photographers heading into publishing as editors…. could you do an episode on this Ron? or as a blog post?

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