Ep 82 – Photographer Holly Randall

Second generation photographers are not all that common. Second generation erotic photographers? Seemingly nonexistent until we spoke with photographer Holly Randall. In this episode, Holly tells us what it was growing up with photography, how she matches locations with personalities, and how not to be a creep.

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Model Mosh

Model Kayla-Jane Danger


Model Carlotta Champagne

Model Taylor Vixen

Photographer Ellen von Unwerth

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3 thoughts on “Ep 82 – Photographer Holly Randall”

  1. This showing the nice photos worked well for me, but then they always want to see the rest, then they tend to lose their confidence for the rest of the shoot and if I need to continue the shoot onto a 2nd day the flake cause they saw the bad ones… this only happened once as a new photographer and with pretty much a complete stranger I met from craigslist.

    Otherwise then that this episode was very insightful as this is very similar to what I want to do.

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