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Our goal here is to create new photographers of models. Everyone thinks shooting models would be cool, but an amazing number have no idea how to do it. They think you have to be a high dollar fashion photographer in New York or LA to get models to shoot with you. Nothing could be further from the truth.

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About Ron

Online Portfolio

I maintained a number of online portfolios over the year, but have cut down to just one now. Model Mayhem – ID 3892.

Social Media


Roller Derby Photographer

I’m the official photographer for the Abilene Roller Derby’s Sugarbombs. You can check out my work on their Facebook page.

My Studio

For years I was one of the photographers that owns and shoots at Houston Skyline Studio.

I did all of the photography for the 2007 Goth Swimsuit Calendar (website now gone).

Photographer Cast Member Best of the Best 2 on Mav TV.

I was published in Gothic Beauty, a national fashion magazine, in the Fall 2005 issue, pg 47.

Images of Me:

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