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Milk, Tattoos and Blue

This is one of my favorite images from the shoot because of the three elements I used in the title. I love the color.

When I bought the pool I was a little worried the blue would be a problem. Anytime you introduce a color into an image, you find the image itself is changed and other colors have to work with it. In this case, everything seemed to work out as there was a lot of blue in her body art.


Model: Alica

The Milk Shoot Begins

We started off trying to be worksafe, but most of the images are nude.

I don’t remember exactly where the idea for this shoot came from. Like most awesome ideas I’m sure there was more than one source and they were brought together.

I first heard of Alicia because she applied to be a model for our studio at one of our casting calls. Everyone said she was my kind of model, because of all the body art.

Then I decided it would work even better if she were in a white liquid like milk.

Here’s the first image from the shoot.

Milk and bikini

ToXic’s Leg Art

Model: ToXic.

One of the challenges of shooting body are is it is generally wrapped around a limb, so getting it all in a shot is tough. Not to mention when you want to get multiple pieces together.

You need to convey were the ink is. ToXic had tattoos on the back of both legs. So I shot them alone and where you can see both legs.