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Ashley Fit

I call this fitenss, but it is more about fitness that showing fitness. OK, that makes no sense. What it mean is looking at this image you think Ashely is fit. She’s not doing anything fitness related, but she conveys the meaning.

Model Ashely Warnken


Belly Dancer Abs

Belly Dancer Abs
Belly Dancer Abs

Model: Ashley Warnken
MUA: Michelle of Poison Makeup Art

Ashley is a professional belly dancer and also has a beautifully hard body. I’ve shot belly dancers at the Texas Renaissance Festival for years. I’ve even given them my card, though they’ve never contacted me. Maybe next year I’ll put this image on a business card.

There were two light for this shot, a softbox with a bastard amber gel front camera left. A strobe with barndoor behind for the edge. Couldn’t keep the lens flare out, but I think it kind of adds to the image, though there is a color shift in the middle I’m not real happy with.