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Model Pixie In A Square

A square frame isn’t a standard aspect ratio for images, but sometimes it just works. Don’t be afraid of non-standard crops, especially is you are just posting to the web.

My internet connection during the day doesn’t like Deviant Art, so I haven’t spent much time there. But last night I was over there and rediscovered model Pixie. Did a search and reallized I’ve never posted images of her on the blog.

Time to fix that.

And time to shoot with her again.


Ep 17 – Model Scarlett St Vitus

Scarlett Greased Up
Scarlett Greased Up
Scarlett St Vitus was one of my muses and start off talking about what it means to be a muse. She’s a goth model and we talk about what that means. She talks about how modeling expresses her creativity.

She considers her self very shy and awkward and therefore has to overcome her fears. Her feelings are very common for models and it is good to understand that. Shawna also gives some good advice for models as well.

Pre-shoot meetings, good, bad or inconvenient.

Print book for models. Really those exist?

Photographers with ideas? You know who you are. Lots of great insight into what models think when they receive shoot requests.


My Muse blog post.

Lithium Picnic

The model with a book, Sallie Lou

Scarlett’s most controversial image.


Blind Monkey Studio

Ron’s milk pictures

Ron’s Pinup Workshop in November.

Scarlett Unusual Fashion

This week’s podcast is my former muse Scarlett St Vitus, so I thought I’d make it a all Scarlett week on the blog. Some of these may be repeats, and all are from the archives, but you really can’t get enough.

As she says in the interview, she has a very interesting wardrobe. This qualifies.

The background is actually white with a green gel and a little increase in saturation in post.

Scarlett Fashion