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Ep 12 – Photog Robert Alvarado


robertAlvaradoI consider Robert Alvarado to be one of the best, if not the best, pinup photographer working today. It was an honor to get to interview him.

The story about the model who for a cactus shoot actually punctured her rear end is worth the listen. He also talks about pushing the limits. He talks about some of his most controversial images and why he created them, as well as what the outcome has been. A very interesting discussion of creating something for art’s sake.

When we talk about art he candidly talks about his own wether he is an artist. What I think is a common thread for us photographers.

He talks about what influence the model has on his work, and how he’s changed in his style of directing models. I’m a month behind on post, and Robert gets images done in hours after the shoot.

Robert Alvarado’s Website

The question from twitter was from @whoisariston

Robert’s Muse, Ciji Sampson

Model that we stuck needles in her butt! Natalie Addams And the Cactus Image

Vargas in Playboy

Gil Elvgren

Alien Bee


The Practical Pinup Online Workshop

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Retro Swimsuit and Book

I’d planned on shooting swimsuit and Vanity showed up with this interesting retro one piece. With the books and the sunglasses, it lent itself to an interesting image.

Not so much a classic swimsuit image, but more a sophisticated look back in time.

Retro Swimsuit and Book