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How Fast Can You Do a Headshot?

Last month Zinn Star was in Houston and was the model for my studio’s workshop. She was great and I got together with her the next day to shoot some stuff. Don’t have those ready yet, but she did have a special request.

She had this shirt she wanted to have her picture in, but she kept forgetting to ask one of us photographers to shoot her in it. At the end of our shoot, after I’d put away all the lights, she’d signed the release, and she was packing up to leaving town, she found the shirt again. She was dispondant that she hadn’t gotten a shot of it.

So I pulled my camera back out of the bag, stuck the card back in it and shot these images in about 5 minutes using natural light in the studio door way.

#7 – Toxic Punk Headshot

I wanted to shoot with model Toxic because her skin looked so perfect in all her images. I’m a sucker for good skin – one of the reasons I wanted to shoot Janet as well.

Toxic doesn’t like using other MUAs, so she did her own. Probably a little light for most of the images. But then I wanted to do something wild with face paint and she did this. I think she used gaffer’s tape on her skin to get those perfect lines.

This is a classic high-key beauty image, but she isn’t a classic high-key beauty. Beautiful but alt.