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Portrait of Nude Model Valerie Whitaker

Valerie Whitaker is a nude and fashion model based out of New York City, but as you’ll learn in the video this today she is hardly ever there.

I shot with her twice a few weeks ago when she was in Houston. She was great and very experienced model. During our morning session I took these portraits of her. She’s so pretty. 🙂

This is probably the most clothes you are going to see her in this week.

Model: Valerie Whitaker

Shoot: Babe Kennedy, Car Trouble

Another from my shoot with model Babe Kennedy. Make up by Kristin Daniell.

I wanted to shoot some outside the studio, so while she was in makeup I went outside to see what I could find. One thing I found was Babe’s red Ford Mustang. We took it around the corner and under a tree. Then popped the hood and took some images of her messing with the engine. She turn around for this shot, which I liked.

Car trouble
Car trouble

Amanda Up Close

Sometimes you see an image and just say “Freeze”. This happen here. I was shooting in the doorway to our studio. There is a set of steps leading up from the door, and I often have models sit on the steps for a head shot.

I’d shot a couple of these and sat down next to Amanda to show her some of what I’d shot. I look up and just saw this image. I told her to not move. Pulled up the camera, zoomed it as wide as possible (35mm on my Fuji, which has a 1.5 ratio) and focused on her near eye. It was already wide open at 2.8.

This image looks really dramatic in print at 11×14.

Jenny: Work With What You’ve Got

Sometimes the strangest things make an image. This image is Jenny again from the same shoot. To me it has a very Latin feel too it. Why? Well the rose. The color. The earring.

I don’t know which came first, but I do know I ended up pulling the red and gold comforter off my bed and throwing it over a background stand to make the background. You don’t see it much in the close up, but it really adds to the over all image.

This is another reason you should always check your backgrounds.