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Swimsuit photography

Swimsuit photography

A swimsuit, bathing suit, or swimming costume is an item of clothing designed to be worn while engaging in a water-based activity or water sports, such as swimming, water polo, diving, surfing, water skiing, or during activities in the sun, such as sun bathing.

Best of 2010: #8 Niece Dark Show Red

January 3, 2011 Best Of

I did the Dark Shower images a number of times over the last 2 years. Went from no light on the background to a white one to see the water to very saturated colors. I like the color a lot. This on is special because the color is there, but the front light makes every […]

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Milk, Bikini, and Tattoos

August 11, 2009 Body Art

It isn’t really milk, it is some high protein milk substitute I bought a HUGH bucket of at Costco. I thought I’d need a lot of it, but ended up only using about 4 cups for the whole kiddie pool. Once again the model is Alicia.

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The Milk Shoot Begins

August 10, 2009 Body Art

We started off trying to be worksafe, but most of the images are nude. I don’t remember exactly where the idea for this shoot came from. Like most awesome ideas I’m sure there was more than one source and they were brought together. I first heard of Alicia because she applied to be a model […]

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Without The Backlight

August 7, 2009 Dark Shower

I meant to do that….OK, that’s a lie. A couple of times the backlight didn’t fire. And the image became completely different. The lighting set up was one large soft box on a boom directly in front and above the model. A gridded light behind and to camera right hitting her and the water. Without […]

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Robin’s Angel’s

August 6, 2009 Swimsuit

I like this image a lot for some reason. I wish her face was a little better lit, but I like the expression, the look and pose. And the way the water runs down her body. Model: Robin Bean MUA: Kristin Daniell

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That Split Second

August 5, 2009 Dark Shower

This image could only have existed for a second. We’d been playing around shooting the water without getting her head/hair wet. Then I told her to go ahead and step into it and I would snap the picture. I think it is pretty cool. Model: Robin Bean MUA: Kristin Daniell

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Variation On The Water Headshot Theme

August 4, 2009 Dark Shower

Zoom out a little and show more of her. I like the placement of her hands on her head. It gives some feeling to the image. Model: Robin Bean MUA: Kristin Daniell

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Robin’s Unique Headshot

August 3, 2009 Dark Shower

Few people have a headshot that involves water. I’ll give you details on how it was shot as I post more, but it looks cool Model: Robin Bean MUA: Kristin Daniell

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Goth Swimsuit Month 13

June 7, 2009 Goth

Andi Cain was another out of town model and she made a cool goth doll. In case you didn’t know, calendars don’t come in an even 24 pages. So you have to add like 4 pages. So we decided to do another month because 13 is so goth. Once again Heather set out with her […]

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Goth Swimsuit Ms December

June 6, 2009 Goth

Ivory was a quite girl and very, very thin. We shot this image in a friends house, pulling my family Christmas tree out in July. Goth Swimsuit Calender Table of Contents

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