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Photographer interviews from the model photography podcast.

Ep 66 – DP Alan Rencher

The lines between traditional photography and film-making are becoming blurred. As an aspiring photographer, you may have more in common with the next up-and-coming film-maker than you think. In this episode, Director of Photography Alan Rencher gets technical and gives us the science, if you will, of getting the best images regardless of whether they are still or moving.

Alan’s Website


DP Roger Deakins

American Cinematographer Magazine

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Ep 63 – Photographer Corwin Prescott

Photographer Corwin Prescott likes his models to be foxy. At least, that is what the appearance of a taxidermy fox in his photos might suggest. In this episode he tells us why models need to be just as much personality as “model”, how to interact with models when they are “more than nude” in photos, and all about a controversial work involving a prominent Philadelphia building and a nude model.

Corwin’s Website


Ep 60 – Model Daniela Kenzie

Ep 23 – Model Cyan Banister

Model Alysha Nett

Model PXE

Photographer Chase Lisbon

Photographer Collin J Rae

Photographer Aaron Hawks

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Ep 61 – Photog/Editor Holden Pumphrey

ep 61_holden_pumphrey_headshot
Sometimes models learn a thing or two about photography and become photographers themselves. Holden Pumphrey has one-up’ed that. She is a model turned photographer turned fashion editor. In this episode she tells us about her experience learning different crafts, how she balances business and artistry, and what photography has taught her about modeling.

K. Holden Pumphrey’s Website

The Big Up Magazine


Missing Piece

Truth Dubstep

Model Anna Eva (Neoneva)

Photographer Christina McNeill

Photographer Christopher Kern

Photographer James Graham

Escalante Photography

Model Suwanna Perry

Model Rosie Gibson

Ep 23 – Model Cyan Banister

Ep 18 – Photographer Jimmy D

Ep 27 – Model Kimberly Boenker

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Ep 59 – Photographer Vered K

Photographer Vered K thinks that you need to experiment; try something you have never tried before. What does that mean? In this episode, Vered tells us what experimenting means to photography and why confidence, professionalism and personality are a models’ greatest selling points.

Vered K’s website


Model Gisele Bundchen

Ep 55 – Model Catherine Frances Scott

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Ep 57 – Photographer Piotr Stryjewski

Photographer Piotr Stryjewski is almost always, quite literally, on the move. While he is based in the UK, he frequently travels around Europe and the United States shooting personal and commercial projects. In this episode, he tells us about the tools he uses to find models and locations abroad, how and why good photographers evolve, and how post production affects his pre-production.

Piotr’s Website

Piotr on Model Mayhem

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Ep 56 – Photographer Sam Tang

How do you go from studying architecture to photographing babes for calendars? Photographer Sam Tang may not have started out intending to photograph swim suit and Playboy models, but he is doing it full time now. In this episode he offers advice for photographers who would like to do the same, tells us how he balances creative and commercial and photography, and how you make a swim suit photography career when you live in a frosty, “fly-over” state. Plus, Ron, Shawna and Sam tell all there is to know about the effects of the business on their social lives.

Sam’s Website

Sam’s Facebook


Photographer David Mecey

Model Erika Lisa Valdez

Photographer Bobby G

Talon Arms

Stacked and Packed Calendar

Ocean Heat Miami

Shawna Kung Fu Images

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Ep 54 – Photographer Bryan Musser

A great muse relationship is about trust and knowing your collaborators’ mind. Your muse can inspire you to take your greatest photos, and in the case of Bryan and Karen, get inspired enough herself to take your last name. In this episode, photographer Bryan Musser tells us how his muse became his wife, how the best pictures are the most comfortable ones, and all there is to know about escorts…for photo shoots of course.

Bryan’s Website

Bryans’ Model Mayhem


Model Gabrielle Howard

Model Caitlin Obrien (No longer modeling, but Bryan suggest you check out Ashley Olsen)

Photographer Atomic Box Studios

Photographer David Birdsong

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Ep 51 – Photographer Stephan Hoglund

Photographer Stephan Hoglund hails from the frozen North. By that we mean Minnesota. You might think that living in Minnesota would limit your options, but in contrast it offers many other opportunities and settings for what Stephan calls “very organic images.” In this episode we learn how to work with your surroundings and available talent, why jewelry and photography are more similar than you think, and artistry is about movement.

Stephan’s Website

Stephan on Model Mayhem


Model Kayla Williams

Model Sarah Richling

Photographer TH Taylor

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Ep 48 – Photographer Amy Dunn

What do mood boards, warm chocolate cookies and a significant other have to do with a photo shoot? All three can get you what you want from a model, well, as far as the expression in a photo anyway. In this episode photographer and former model Amy Dunn gives us some awesome pointers about directing models, tells us why access is key, and how having a great team makes all the difference.

Amy Dunn’s Website



“Laura Ashley” Self Portrait


Peter Yang

Catherine Frances Scott

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Ep 46 – Photographer Bruce Smith

Photographer Bruce Smith is a first for the podcast in that he is our first “international” guest. Hailing from Liverpool, Bruce is primarily a commercial fashion photographer, and in this episode he talks to us about the importance of and practical steps to managing a fashion shoot (domestic and abroad), fashionable locations, and the photographer’s block that comes from fixating too much on planning. From Austria to Kenya to Thailand, both Bruce and this episode of P&M, are all over the map.

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Bruce’s Book

Photographer Bryan Peterson

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