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Photographer interviews from the model photography podcast.

Ep 44 – Photographer Clayton Addison

Trade for print. Trade for CD. Trade for LIGHT SABER? Yes! Photographer Clayton Addison has created a new TF arrangement. But who is Clayton? Sports photographer; Fashion and portrait photographer; a Sith-style photographer? Yes, yes and yes. This fun interview, and Clayton’s portfolio, are not unlike the force (or duct tape) in that it has a light and a dark side. So plug in and kick back with Ron, Shawna and Clayton!

Clayton’s Website 1
Clayton’s Website 2

Clayton’s TF Amazon List


Hater Magazine

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Ep 42 – Photographer Traeton Garl

Photographer Traeton Garl’s fine art work is polished in look and technique, and he draws from two very important backgrounds to accomplish this: sculpture and his role as a photography teacher. In this episode, Traeton will definitely teach you a thing or two as we talk about the Good, the Bad and the Controversial. From models in dumpsters to models in cloaks, this interview leaves no creative stone unturned.

Traeton’s Website


Shawna Dark Shower Image

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Ep 40 – Photographer Dawn of House of Ego

Dawn of House of Ego Photography works in both model photography and commercial photography, and in this episode we cover some big questions: Is being a professional photographer different when you are a woman? Can you capture someone’s essence with a camera? How can you balance control with letting talented people around you do their thing? Check out the interview and weigh the arguments.

Dawn’s Website


Episode 33 – Andy Silvers

Girl with Bird and Lightning Image

Photographer Tarrice Love

Photographer Bruce Talbot

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Ep 38 – Photographer Joe “Yayo” Medina

Joe “Yayo” Medina is a filmmaker first and a photographer second, but the two have more in common than you think. So how much is photography like directing? What does it mean to be multi-talented in this business? Joe is in the know. So listen in and find out why Joe says you can’t cheat with video, and you have to be both equal parts technician and artist to be a truly talented photographer or videographer.

Joe’s Website


Facebook for Short Film “Sin Embargo”

Facebook for Web Series “I Once Was Lost”

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Ep 35 – Photographer LB

Street photographer LB lives, eats, and breathes photography. He thrives on giving clients something artistic and unexpected. In this episode LB tells us his “A-Z process” for producing unique images, how art is his way to spread a message, and why shooting something edgy in public can be controversial. So listen up, and in the words of LB, “Let’s have fun!”


LB’s Website

Photographer Zack Arias

Photographer Joe McNally

Model Danyel Nekole

Model Kevin BP

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Ep 33 – Photographer Andy Silvers

Look through Andy Silvers’ portfolio and you might think that you’ve tumbled down the rabbit hole. In this episode, design photographer Andy Silvers tells us all about how he blends graphic design and photography to tell a story with each picture; which as it turns out, is just as much technical as it is creating characters. So plug in and listen to Andy’s tales of robots, wolves and pinups. Oh my!


Andy’s Website

Robot Parts Image

Big Eye Image

Model Katie

Model Christine Rene

Makeup Artist Christine Geiger

Multiplicity Image

Episode 1 – Bob Warren

Wolf Image

Episode 12 – Robert Alvarado


Dawn/House of Ego

Kari G

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Ep 31 – Photographer Garry King

garyking (1)
“Photoshop can fix a lot of things, but it can’t fix a ‘deer in headlights’ look”; wise words from photographer Garry King on the virtues of working with expressive models. Garry, who has been a photographer since the mid 1970’s, talks to us about the effect of digital technology on model photography, his own podcast (Glamour Photo Show), and the difference between an idealized image versus a cartoon.


Glamour Photo Show

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Ep 28 – Photographer Ian X

Photographer Ian X
Photographer Ian X
Ian X is all darkness, contrast and strangeness. Well, that is how he describes his photography anyway, but don’t pigeonhole Ian because he is always reinventing and relabeling himself. Ian has some interesting thoughts on overcoming the stigma of a fine art photographer label, working with new models and some differences between working with UK versus American models.

Ian’s Website

Model in Clay Image


Matt Mayes aka MojoKiss

Kitten aka PiratePhotography

Rachel Dashae


Ayame Nekura

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Ep 26 – Photog I Must Be Dead

Photographer I Must Be Dead
Photographer I Must Be Dead

This week we our Photographer Interview is with Mckay Jaffe, AKA I Must Be Dead, a creative conceptual photographer. I clicked on a link entitled Casual Sex and discovered a great artistic mind. He talks not about where his ideas come from, but what process he goes through creating these images. He also talks about how people reacted to his ideas when he started and how they react now given his work.

He has an interesting post-processing method that he discusses as well. He also has an interesting way of dealing with controversy and what he considers controversial.

I Must Be Dead website

I Must Be Dead on MM

I Must Be Dead on Deviant Art

Casual Sex image

American Dream Series



T H Taylor

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Ep 24 – Photog Kerry Beyer

Photographer Kerry Beyer
Photographer Kerry Beyer

Photographer Kerry Beyer talks about having Roxy Vandiver as a muse, what a good model is, and what is a good photographer. Kerry has published all over the world, but gives a surprisingly simple key to that success. He’s also a film director, directing the independent horror film, Spirit Camp. We talk about the similarly between film directing and shooting and in photography.

Kerry’s Website and Blog

Spirit Camp Website

Facebook Fan Page for movie


Roxy Vandiver
Brandon Smith

Beauty & Brains

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