Tiffany Headshot

November 13, 2009 Portrait/Headshot

This is probably my favorite image of Tiffany from the shoot, even though I normally don’t like images containing armpits. 🙂 There is just something about the composition that appeals to me.

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Tiffany At The Desert Springs Reserve

November 12, 2009 Fashion

There were some funky roofs for background and a soft white indirect light. These are two full body shots of Tiffany

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Tiffany In Golden Hour

November 11, 2009 Fashion

We went and shot at the Desert Springs Reserve as the sun was setting. Here is one images of Tiffany in that light.

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Tiffany On Sofa

November 10, 2009 Fashion

In addition to the big windows of the Wynn’s suite, there was this cool couch in the corner. Here’s Tiffany on it.

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Tiffany Jackson Wynn Window

November 4, 2009 Fashion
Thumbnail image for Tiffany Jackson Wynn Window

There are lots of things I forgot to bring to the shoot, despite having a new camera bag. One was a polarizing filter, which would have gotten rid of the reflections in the window. But here are a couple of Tiffany with the strip behind her. Model: Tiffany Jackson

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