Ep 98 – Model Brenda Flavia

Model Brenda Flavia may describe herself as a kitchy hobby model, but she can tell you a thing or two about organization. Brenda is top of what it means to be an put-together model, and she is not afraid to sit down, face to face, with a photographer for an hour to discuss a shoot plan. In this episode, Brenda sets you straight!

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Brenda on Model Mayhem


Photographer Kenny Haner

Photographer Roy Varga

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  1. Another great interview. Keep up the great work. I have linked your page on our networking group website (www.BirminghamMediaNetworkingGroup.com) and recommended some of the specific interviews that I thought gave some great information (even though I have only listened to less than 10). I need to spend a week trying to listen to them all.

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