113 – Model Hollis Ireland

(26:38) Redhead traveling model Hollis Ireland joins Ron and Shawna this week and reveals the secrets of the globetrotting model. Recorded from Hollis’s front seat as she travelled for an authentic feel.

Turns out those models who travel around shooting have secret lists. Ron found out he wasn’t on the good one. Luckily he wasn’t on the creep list either.

Hollis also talks about how she schedules shoots and picks where to go. Want to talk on the phone? That could be an issue.

As always you find out what a model looks for in a photographer, and specifically how that is different for a model making her living from it verses one that is looking for TFP.

Keeping it real, Ron gets on to Hollis for one of his pet peeves in her portfolio.

The banter talks audiobooks and Ron gives a tip for using them to keep yourself awake.

Hollis’ Model Mayhem
Hollis’ Model Mayhem Fetish
Hollis’ Tumbler


Story: Substance, Structure, Style and The Principles of Screenwriting

Bob Warren
Model Angela Ryan
Photographer Corwin Prescott