118 Listener Questions

(17:43) The Pod people are revealed in this episode, you can actually watch Shawna and Ron do their podcasting thing in this video episode.

We answer your questions this week.

Listener Question:
“How do you know when a project is finished? Not a single shoot, where the goal
is usually clear, but a collective, like William Wegman and his dogs, Avedon’s
portraits against a white background, etc.”

Steve wrote:
I have started to hire models for regular studio photoshoots but have a question
about payment etiquette. Normally my shoots have been about 2-3 hours, but for
the first 30-45 minutes the model is usually putting on makeup & getting
dressed. Up to this point and as a rule I started the clock when the model
shows up. In the modeling profession is it expected the rate is based on the
arrival time, or the time the model is ready to start shooting. I’m definitely
not cheap, but I wanted to know if there is an excepted practice. Nice podcast,
keep up the excellent work.

A model
“Can I see all the images from the shoot? Not just the good ones?”

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