Ep 102 – Model Hazel Brun

What makes a model a good “workshop model?” How should a model prepare for a workshop? Workshop, workshop, workshop! Model Hazel Brun has done her share of workshops, and she offers us some useful tidbits on how to get the most out of them. If that were not enough, she also gives us some interesting insight on where the line is drawn between creepy photographer and professional.

Hazel Brun on Model Mayhem


CS Austin Photo

CP Foto

Photographer Michael Bates

Photographer James McKinnis

3 thoughts on “Ep 102 – Model Hazel Brun”

  1. So, Hazel don’t like the new photographers and don’t want new models giving the chance to new photographers to grow as a model photographer? Does that sound fair? It’s like the only chance for new photographers to grow is family and friends if every new model didn’t let new photographers shoot them. I totally agree with Ron as to the height to the model doesn’t matter in overall model photography, unless it’s photographers looking for full body shots, runway photography, and agency only photographers. Thanks for a great epsidoe Ron & Shawna!

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