111 – Weeee’rrrre Back!

$6,000,000 Man and Bionic Woman
$6,000,000 Man and Bionic Woman
(20:25) And Shawna is punchy. But not in the way that leaves Ron bloody at the end of the show. Find out what she’s been doing during our break that has made her funny all the time. We also talked about changes that are coming to Photographer and Model from Ron.

The biggest change is the opening of the Photographer and Model Community Forum. When I started this whole model photography journey, I started on a forum.

These days it doesn’t seem there are any good forums for model photographers. I was talking to my studio partners and they were thinking the same thing. There are a lot of photography forums out there and many may have a model photography section, but nothing dedicated to just photographers who shoot models.

And is there anywhere that models and photographers interact? That was one of the things I really like back in the day was experienced models would give their feedback on my images and my portfolio. It helped.

We here at P&M are uniquely set up to create that kind of place, and so the Photographer and Model Community Forum is born. Go check it out and introduce yourself. Like all new forums it is a little barren right now, but that will change quickly.

Should we post when we book someone for the show? Answer that in the forums, because comments are now gone.


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