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Model Interviews from the model photography podcast.

Ep 67 – Model Elton Harris

Model Elton Harris is another first on the Photographer and Model Podcast. Drumroll, please. He is our first MALE model! Just when you thought you knew all that there was to know about working with models, another perspective is brought into play! Elton offers us his observations on the world of male modeling, including that of an agency represented model, and we are all ears.

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Gay Wedding Photo Shoot

Photographer John Conroy

Model/Actress Shawna Rencher
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Model Emily Avery

C Baron Photography

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Ep 64 – Model Lauren Vickers

Does the language of model photography transcend borders? Sure it does, but you should expect to do some deciphering (like when an Australian model tells an American that other models should not be “precious”). In this episode, model Lauren Vickers, originally from Australia but now living in Barcelona, tells us about what it means to live a gypsy lifestyle as a model, why communication with your photographer is key (especially when you travel internationally), and why Aussies, amongst others, think American accents are sexy.

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Ep 62 – Model Vaunt

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Ep 62 – Model Vaunt

Controversy. As a model or photographer, you may decide to produce a project that makes others raise an eyebrow…or perhaps turn a million shades of red. Who is to say? Either way, how are you going to deal with it? In this episode model Vaunt tells us what she thinks about controversy and how she has dealt with it. She even catches us off guard with a shocking “most controversial thing I ever created” story.

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Ep 18 – Photographer Jimmy D

Photographer Corwin Prescott

Photographer Aeric Meredith-Goujon

Model Shakti

Ep 60 – Model Daniela Kenzie

Model Mosh

Model Marlo Marquise

Model Lamonica/The Fifi

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Ep 60 – Model Daniela Kenzie

Location, location, location! Model Daniela Kenzie is no stranger to working in a wide variety of cities, and in this episode she tells us where and how the model photography scene from place to place. She also tells us why she thinks a stage name can brand you as a certain type of model, why she is moving from Las Vegas to Austin, Texas, and how a stuffed fox wandered into one of her photo shoots.

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Photographer Dean Karr

Photographer Helmut Newton

Photographer Corwin Prescott

Model Vaunt

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Ep 58 – Model Sarah Heary

Perhaps St. Patrick did not drive out all of the snakes in Ireland. That is a good thing for model Sarah Heary seeing as they have made for some interesting photos. In this episode, Sarah tells us why models should not be so gullible, why reptiles make great models, and what Johnny Depp and Tim Burton thought of one of her favorite photos.

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Reptile Image

Ep 2 – Model Tierra

Mad Hatter Image

Jack In the Box Image

Photographer Lili Forberg

Model Kate Moss

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Ep 55 – Model Catherine Frances Scott

Despite what you have heard, models can work well into their hundreds. At least that is what an abundance of MM profiles might lead you to believe. In this episode, we speak with charming model Catherine Frances Scott about why models say they are over one-hundred, what your model mayhem profile can say about you, and agency jobs versus model mayhem contacts.

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Photographer Stephen Eastwood

Photographer Matthew Jordan Smith

Photographer Michael Webber

MUA Erin McCarthy

Episode 48 – Photographer Amy Dunn

Photographer Bill Diodato

Model Sasha Lee

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Ep 53 – Model Willow

Did you know that Sailor Jupiter has an agent? Well, that is partially true. Agency represented fashion model Willow loves anime and cosplay, so in addition to fashion and swimwear, you may find your favorite anime character in Willow’s portfolio. This episode is full of interesting oddities: 100 year old models, Model Mayhem gate keepers, and perhaps the craziest photo shoot story told thus far.

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David Lantrip

Lori Cliborne

Julie Huit

Lauren Klemm

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Martin Kunert (MM# 1325351)

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Ep 50 – Model Missy Wilkinson

What do models have that a traditional journalist or editor would not? If anyone can answer that question, it is former model and now fashion editor, Missy Wilkinson. Missy educates us on the power of the portfolio and what compels her to hire one model or photographer over another. Plus, she tells us why trapeze artists make great swimwear models, how she balances artistry and marketability and the responsibility that comes with having a platform.

Cue Online


Model Nettie R Harris

Huffington Post Article

Ep 20 – Photographer Richard Tallent

Brian Perkins/Perkography

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Ep 47 – Model Zinn Star

Model Zinn Star defines herself as a fine-art-nude-model-slash-artist. She’s down to earth and has a great sense of humor. She’ll sport a “I went in for a boob job and all I got was this lousy t-shirt” tee to a shoot. In this interview we talk about being nude on a subway, why you shouldn’t get nude in a park on a Saturday, and why she has no regrets.

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Billy Monday / Subway Shot

Brooke Lynne

Meghan Claire

Scott Nichol

Bill Earle


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Ep 43 – Model Josie B

Model Josie B is primarily a glamour model, but she is more outgoing when it comes to booking and working with photographers than your typical glamour model. She actively seeks photographers to accomplish her vision. In this interview she tells us about what puts a photographer in her sights, how she communicates her vision to them, and what she knows about working behind the lens as well as in front of it. What happens when a model starts pushing the button? Listen in and find out!

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Julio of Caliber Photography

Adrian of Glamour Xposure Photography

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