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Model Interviews from the model photography podcast.

Ep 19 – Model Roxy Vandiver

Roxy Vandiver Urban Violin“I’m the kind of model who takes her clothes off a lot.” Which leads to a lot of discussion of genre, including her definition of fetish, erotica, glamour. Roxy has a background in acting and her discussion about how modeling uses it. Her method of preparation is unique and simple.

We also discuss some of her controversy and how to deal with it. The dark side of being a nude model, which hasn’t been that big a deal for her.

Roxy had a long time muse relationship with photographer Kerry Beyer and we talk about that relationship.

How do you define fetish, erotica, and glamour?

Roxy’s website

Roxy on Myspace

Roxy on Twitter

Model Mayhem

How To Photograph Nudes Like A Professional

Kerry Beyer

Ep 17 – Model Scarlett St Vitus

Scarlett Greased Up
Scarlett Greased Up
Scarlett St Vitus was one of my muses and start off talking about what it means to be a muse. She’s a goth model and we talk about what that means. She talks about how modeling expresses her creativity.

She considers her self very shy and awkward and therefore has to overcome her fears. Her feelings are very common for models and it is good to understand that. Shawna also gives some good advice for models as well.

Pre-shoot meetings, good, bad or inconvenient.

Print book for models. Really those exist?

Photographers with ideas? You know who you are. Lots of great insight into what models think when they receive shoot requests.


My Muse blog post.

Lithium Picnic

The model with a book, Sallie Lou

Scarlett’s most controversial image.


Blind Monkey Studio

Ron’s milk pictures

Ron’s Pinup Workshop in November.

Ep 13 – Model Cassandra Bryant

Model Cassandra Bryant
Model Cassandra Bryant

A short, fast paced interview with Model Cassandra Bryant. Cassandra was Portland, Oregon’s sexiest woman.

An important story about how to approach a pretty girl to be your subject. We also talk about how she thinks about making changes to her looks.

For the models out there Cassandra gets a lot of work and she talks about how that works.


Cassandra’s Model Mayhem

The Sex Issue Cover Image

The Decisode

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Ep 11 – Model Carly O’Neil


Model Carly Erin O'Neil
Model Carly Erin O'Neil

Carly O’Neil is a New York based fashion, glamour and fine art model.

During the interview we talk about Agency/Commercial work vs. Freelance/Internet work. Body art on agency models. Agency models and nudity. “If her boob was in the picture, it was meant to be there.”

She talks about how being a model means having a presence on film, as well as being smart and strong. You really have to do it and not just kind of do.

Carly’s also a photographer and we talk about what its like making the change from in front to behind the camera. And why she chooses not to do a lot of model photography, and how it has effected her modeling.
Carly's Website Mentioned in the Podcast: Milkman - Joao Carlos - photographer and darling honey bear. He also provided the image for this podcast. Carly and Joao's blog Carly's Blog Carly's Photography Model Mayhem profile Her Commercial Model Mayhem profile: Her Nude Model Mayhem profile Her MUA Model Mayhem profile Theme music is Amy Cain by Two Star Symphony.

Ep 8 – Model Ellen Marisa


You’ve all seen Ellen’s legs if you’ve been to the podcast home page, or subscribed on iTunes.

We talk about all kinds of model related stuff, including how modeling can help your self esteem. What her first nude shoot was like and how she dealt with it.

Ellen’s Model Mayhem

Mentioned in the podcast
Bob Warren

Bobby Sargent

One Model Place
Model Mayhem

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Ep 6 – Model Zoya Pepel

Zoya Pepel Hands Up Raised
Zoya Pepel Hands Up Raised

Zoya Pepel is the kind of artist we like to have on the show and this episode shows why. We talked a very deep level about art and relationship. 

What is art? What makes a good photographer while still being diplomatic. What is the difference between a GWC and a photographer?

About her crazy schedule. Learning from being a burlesque dancer and being the bad girl. Why do artists do so many different things?

Zoya’s Blog

Nette Harris
Bob Warren
Lina Barras
J Scott King
Shawn Kennedy

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Ep 4 – Model Sallie Lou

This is episode 4 of the shooting beauty model photography podcast. The one where Shawna and Ron interview Model Sallie Lou.

Sallie Lou belays the idea that model’s aren’t smart. Matter of fact she’s so intense we had trouble keeping up. We talk about modeling as a creative outlet for someone who helps train doctors. And please don’t make her bring out the autopsy stories.

We also talk about working with photographers, shoots that go well and ones that don’t. What she looks for in a photographer’s portfolio. What boobs and butts mean to her in your portfolio.

If you would like the opportunity to shoot with Sallie Lou, she will be modeling at the next two workshops from Houston Skyline Studio. She’s the model for the July workshop on Basic Lighting, and she is one of two 5 foot 10 models for the Glamour Workshop in August. The theme of the August workshop is “Two Girls At The Same Time” and Ron will be teaching how to make images of two models together.

We only allow 12 photographers at each workshop, so seating is limited. You can get more information and sign-up at

This week’s music was “Forest in the Morning” by Fumitaka Anzai provided by the podsafe music network.

Ep 2 – Model Tierra

Model Tierra
The one where Ron and Shawna interview Model Tierra. Tierra talks about being wrapped in a python, having a tarantula on her face, working with other models, what makes a good photographer, what it is like to have a model boyfriend and more.

Tierra on Model Mayhem

Other people mentioned in the podcast:

Photographer Hassan. The guy with the snake and spider.

Tierra’s boyfriend model Dwayne. The guy with the….no I’m not going to take that easy shot.

Supershoots Workshops Tierra worked in beautiful Nevada

This episode’s music was Evolve by Jim Richmond provided by the pod safe music network.

Ep -2:Model Valerie Whitaker

Model Valerie Whitaker
Model Valerie Whitaker
This episode is something of a practice run, hence the negative two episode number. The interview was actually recorded in 2008 on video. At the time I knew I wanted to do a podcast, but not exactly the tone, theme, or focus. There is a lot of good information and interesting stories in this discussion with Valerie Whitaker, so I wanted to share it with you.

Another reasons this is a practice podcast is the audio quality. It was recorded on video with only Valerie miced with a lapel mic. Going forward quality will increase, I promise.

Also my co-host Shawna Rencher wasn’t part of the process.

You can find images and video of Valerie on the Glamour blog. The intro music was provided by podsafe music network. The song is called Point Break, by 42 shades of gray, which I thought sounded like a great band for a photography podcast. Especially one where I interview a fine art model that I shot a lot in black and white.

You can see more of Valerie here on the blog, or at her OMP profile.